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Czech Game of the Year 2011

Linux version

That's right, we have Family Farm game for Linux too. Download the demo andy try it yourself. We use Ubuntu for building binaries, but you should be fine with any other modern Linux distro.

The demo is available only as gzipped tarball archive. Click on the downloaded file with right mouse button and click on "Extract here" if you don't mind the files being extracted in current directory. When files are extracted, open "familyfarm" directory and execute

Full version is available also on Ubuntu Software Center Store for Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick) and Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty). Check Games category in your Ubuntu Software Center to find out more.

Known issues

The game will not exit correctly if working directory is different from executable (or shell script) directory.

There may be problems with opensource display drivers. This can be solved by installing proprietary display drivers. Click on System in launch menu, locate Administration and click on Additional Drivers. Follow instructions on screen.

There are problems with Intel display drivers. Unfortunately, this cannot be solved. The game may run, but if it doesnt, there's no way to fix it.